"The Duracell division of Procter & Gamble hired GLIM Consulting in 2015 – Jose (Pepe) De Moraes as the lead Project Manager to divest the North American division of the Duracell from P&G to Berkshire Hathaway.    While Pepe did not have prior M&A experience, he was a master in project management with deep and broad experience across numerous companies, geographies, and product lines.   Pepe’s expertise led initially to building a general divestiture framework, action plan, resource requirements, and schedule.   Through strong personal leadership and collaboration, Pepe progressively expanded the original divestiture framework into detailed plans for each individual work stream which, subsequently, enabled each individual work stream leader to deliver their personal expectations and requirements.   In essence, he enabled the organization to succeed leading to business divestiture in Q1 2016.   Pepe is a highly skilled, proven project management professional.   I look forward re-hiring Pepe for future project management engagements."

Michael J. Sullivan
Duracell NA Divestiture Director

"Pepe was instrumental in helping stand up the Duracell Company.  He stepped into the Project Management Role and quickly implemented a CPS and partnered across the organization to create and maintain the integrated plan.  He has the ability to simplify complex information and bring people together to resolve thorny issues in an action oriented yet collaborative manner.  

What struck me most about Pepe was the degree of ownership that he took towards the project and his personal investment to ensure that it was a success.  He was an indispensable business partner and a trusted advisor."

Michael Cowley
Sr. Director, Finance and Accounting – NA Duracell


"It was a pleasure working with Pepe during the transition! His mastery and Program Manager skills were needed to add a sense of organization to the NA plan. Though his leadership the complexity of the Duracell transition was simplified, and we successfully delivered the conversion on time. I do not believe that without his detailed CPS plans across two NA waves; we would have been able to cutover on time. His command of the details, strong communication skills, ability to organize the group, and sense of humor allowed us to work through very complex issues and stay focused.   Pepe was a critical member of the team!"

Greg Hudson
NA Duracell PS Transition Lead